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functioning feature film , working progress

Frank, a middle-aged lonely, unemployed and touch-averse male virgin is looking for love. He's an undiagnosed high-functioning autistic and unaware of it. The only person who truly sees him is Danielle, a warm albeit impatient 27-year-old psychology student, who tries to help him - but how can someone be helped when they don’t even realize they’re in trouble?


Today's movies and series about autism are about diagnosed and aware people, about a noticable autism. But what about those who are not noticed? They suffer from more severe alienation and impatience towards them. They are also often easy to take advantage of, and they serve as easy prey.

Current status: The script is available on request.

* We are looking for distributer and for a producer. *

proof-of-concept (scenes 41-43)


Things to know before watching the proof of concept:
Frank has received a restraining order from Emily, a woman he had met at a speed dating event, and despite Danielle's attempts to help him not get into further trouble, he keeps on latching on to the wrong women.

Frank then meets Natalie, a 21-year-old who pretends to collect donations for abandoned cats, and makes a living from OnlyFans.
Frank introduces Natalie to Danielle at the Diner, and Danielle suspects that Natalie is going to take advantage of Frank. At this point Danielle has given up on helping Frank. 
Produced & Directed by Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov
Written by Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov & Avital Macales

CAST:  Anna Rambo as Danielle   l   Cole Matson as Frank   l Celeste Wolf as Natalie

CREW:  Director Of Photography: Bob Klein   l  Gaffer and Camera Assistant: Chris Francia  
Sound Recordist: Steven Lopez   l  Production Assistant: Robby Moro
z   l  Clapper: Emma Amiaga




Anna Rambo

Waitress by night, Master's degree student in research psychology by day. Full of charm and charisma but also impatient and arrogant.


FRANK (50)

Cole Matson

Unemployed computer technician. Lives alone with a cat in a neglected apartment. 


nATALIE (21)

Celeste Wolf

A narcissistic young woman. Natalie’s goal is to become a famous model. She uses men to get what she wants. She doesn't' get along with women.

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Danielle's father. Space engineering genius. Works with NASA, won awards for inventions and discoveries.

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dylan (28)

Charismatic, opinionated. In the evening he works with Danielle in the diner, during the day as a graduate psychology student, also with Danielle. They are best friends and also in love.

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emily (37)

Depressive and insecure single. Middle school computer teacher. The object of Frank's obsession.

gesher film fundation (israel)

The story touches on a very important issue that is not represented enough on the screen. A story about the society's invisible people. The story of Frank and Danielle are a key to understanding situations in the story of Frank's difficulties. The situations of rejection due to a lack of understanding, the obsequiousness, the danger of exploitation are excellent sub-stories that will tell the frustration of a person with Asperger's in the neurotypical society.

ScreenCraft feedback

functioning is a compelling character study of an unlikely friendship between two people. You do a great job capturing the voice of a character who has undiagnosed Asperger's, showing how he is able to function within a world designed for neurotypical people, and how he struggles to stay afloat in that world.  
You beautifully capture Frank's voice, writing the character as someone who takes things literally, seeing the world in black and white and unable to read other people's emotions or subtext. 
Frank's voice is nicely juxtaposed by Danielle's way of speaking, which captures someone desperately trying to connect in a way that is unable for Frank to reciprocate. Danielle's personal connection to undiagnosed autism — showing how it might explain how she and her father had always had an antagonist relationship — helps add stakes and meaning to her tentative friendship with Frank.  
It's clear that you have a personal connection to the material, and you have a unique voice. 

NEW fund FOR CINEMA & TV (Israel)

The creator's message screams from the screenplay.
Frank's character is excellently written. It is evident that the creator knows exactly what she wants to say about his situation, and what is the message she wants to convey through it to the viewer. The concept of the film is great, and the character of Frank is wonderful and touching. Credibly written throughout the film.

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